What is herbal medicine?

What is herbal medicine?

To make it simple, herbalism is the art of healing oneself or others with plants. It’s an ancestral knowledge based on tradition and clinical experience, but which also consider the information brought by science. Herbal medicine is more about healing being than about curing diseases. The plants are chosen to help the body to naturally find back its equilibrium. In order to select the right plants, we proceed usually with a full consultation.

A consultation in herbal medicine

In my world, the first consultation last between 1.5 and 2 hours in order to cover all aspects of your health. After this, we chose the plants that are the best for you and how you would prefer to take them. I then recommend you to come back for a follow up between 3 and 6 weeks in order to evaluate your response. The follow up last generally less than an hour. Both the initial consultation and its follow up are partly refunded by insurance companies covering naturopathy.


How to take your plants

Plants can be absorbed in different ways: in tinctures (few drops 2-3 times a day), in herbal tea or decoctions, or even externally via bath or ointments. Tinctures are often made with alcohol, but if you have issues with this substance, just let me know and we will adjust our plan in consequence. Indeed, there are other way to extract plants such as vinegar or glycerites.


Who can bu helped by herbal medicine ?

Herbal medicine is a very useful preventative method. Most health problems can be improved by herbal medicine: stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, hormonal problems (both in women and men), digestive problems, benign infections, hayfever and many more…

This does not mean that you can stop taking your prescribed medication without consulting with your doctor! however, the improvement in your health might help to convince him or her that you are ready for a change… In addition, herbalist do not establish diagnostics in Quebec, so I strongly recommend you to obtain one from your doctor prior to your first visit. If however the tests are inconclusive or if diagnosis is difficult to obtain, but you know that your health is not optimal, we can work on your body as a whole in order to find back your equilibrium.

I wish you a most natural health!